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F4500 training video now available on Factair's YouTube channel 
Factair have recently completed new training video's for our new range of test instrumentation. We also provide training video's on our Safe-Air Cabinets, Safe-Air Trolleys, Mobile BA compressors and test instrument software. You can find these video's in the Safe-Air Tester section of our website or click here for our YouTube channel. (06/02/2018) 
Factair's latest project; nitrogen cylinder charging Set for Fast and Furious Live 
Factair are extremely proud to announce our latest project for the Fast and Furious Live Shows starting at The O2. We would like to thank Bickers Action for the opportunity to build a bespoke nitrogen cylinder charging set for their car launching system. (19/01/2018) 
Factair to attend ComVac 2017 at Hannover Messe 
Factair will be attending ComVac 2017 from 24th-28th April.  
At this exhibition we will be launching a new breathing and medical-air monitoring instrument, the F8000. We have a number of free tickets available and would like to invite you to register via the following link to come along and see us on our stand. (05/04/2017) 
Factair's New ATEX Zone 1 T3 Duplex Compressor Set 
Our latest ATEX Zone 1 T3, receiver mounted Hydrovane V01 package, with run/standby compressors, filtration, pressure swing dryer and dewpoint monitoring. (14/12/2016) 
Factair's Latest Mobile Breathing-Air Compressor BA800E 
Factair's latest electric compressor, the BA800E is a fully mobile, self contained breathing-air compressor. The unit has been specifically designed for providing safe breathing-air for operatives working in potentially contaminated atmospheres such as occur in the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and a range of other industries. 
The BA800E will produce up to 800 l/min at 8 bar and incorporates breathing-air filtration with a pressure swing dryer CO and CO2 suppression system. The unit incorporates FACTAIR’s ‘fail-safe’ system providing automatic back up from high-pressure cylinders, ensuring a safe exit from the workplace in the event of failure of the primary supply. 
The BA800E has been designed to work in wide range of demanding environments with a sand trap louvre ventilation allowing the units to operate in dusty conditions. Click here for further details. (18/11/2016) 
Factair Launches new Breathing-Air Compressor BA200E 
Factair is pleased to announce the launch of the BA200E, single phase electric breathing-air compressor. The BA200E is the replacement to the BA7E and is both smaller and lighter, it also has an increased output compared to the BA7E, producing 200 l/min at 8 bar (whilst the BA7E produced 164 l/min at 7 bar). 
This compact breathing-air compressor is the ideal source for airline breathing applications for in building projects where only a single phase supply is available. Click here for further details. (26/09/2016) 
Rail Live 2016  
Factair exhibited at Rail Live 2016 in Warwickshire to exhibit our range of Tunnel Ventilation Fans. Also on display was Factair's range of powered air respirators and air quality monitorting service. Rail Live is the UK's largest outdoor railway industry show. The exhibition being held outdoors allowed us to demonstrate our ventilation fans throughout the day. (24/06/2016) 
Factair Launch F4504 Multi-Air Tester 
Factair has launched its latest air quality test instrument, the F4504 Multi Air Tester which is the ideal tool when you need to test to a number of different medical and breathing-air standards. 
With an intuitive menu structure and easy to use colour touch screen display, the F4504 makes air quality testing easy. For medical, surgical and dental air the instrument can test to the requirements of EU Pharmacopeia and HTM 02-01. It can also test against the Pharmacopeia parameters for CO2, N2 and N20 supplies. 
For breathing-air applications the instrument can test to the requirements of EN12021. 
The instrument has a built in electronic dewpoint meter, electrochemical oxygen cell and digital flowmeter which allows airflows of up to 600 l/min to be verified. The unit also has test ports calibrated for Draeger chemical reagent tubes / impactor to establish levels of oil, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous fumes, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide present in the air sample, as well as various easily oxidised compounds via a Polytest. The instrument can store up to 20 test results which can then be downloaded to PC software provided with the unit. Click here for further details. (19/05/2016) 
Factair Launch BAHP300EX Mobile HP Charging Compressor 
Factair is proud to announce the launch of its latest ATEX compressor, a mobile high pressure charging compressor for breathing-air applications, producing 300 l/min at up to 350 bar. 
The BAHP300EX is an electrically powered, HP breathing-air charging compressor designed to operate in a ATEX zone 1 hazardous area (ATEX marking: Ex II 2 G, Ex d IIB T3). 
Temperature monitoring is provided on the outlet of all three stages which invokes an automatic compressor shut down, should the temperature of either 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage outlets exceed 160°C. This important safety feature ensures that the maximum surface temperature of 200°C permitted under the marked T3 rating, is not exceeded. Click here for further details. (07/04/2016) 
5* Rating received for latest RISQS audit. 
Factair is a specialist in temporary tunnel and ventilation monitoring for the railway industry. The company's latest RISQS, audited by Achilles (supplier ID 54155), was on 7th March 2016 and we are now rated as a 5 star supplier. (08/03/2016) 
Factair supplies F6000 to Resmar Ltd 
Factair recently supplied an F6000 Safe-Air Tester to Resmar Ltd and they provided us with the following testimonial; 
“We purchased a Factair F6000 air quality tester, which provides an enhanced level of speed and acurracy over their previous Safe Air Testers. The product is excellent. The level of technical advice and service we receive is second to none and we would highly recommend Factair.” 
Bob Barcoe 
Managing Director (16/02/2016) 
Factair launch SAT950HD Safe-Air Trolley 
Factair is proud to announce the launch of its latest Safe-Air Trolley, the 4 outlet SAT950HD which delivers up to 950 litres per minute through 4 no. CEJN compatible sockets. The Safe-Air Trolley range are the ideal breathing-air purification systems for those working in areas where there is a risk of higher than normal levels of Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide being ingested into the compressed-air system. 
The Safe-Air Trolley range incorporate compressed-air filtration and drying systems which deliver a smooth, controlled, uninterrupted supply of breathing quality air far exceeding the requirements of BS EN12021 and a range of international standards. (04/02/2016) 
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirms average global CO2 now exceed 400ppm. 
Readings by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirm that for the first time mean global Carbon Dioxide levels exceeded 400PPM during March 2015 and are rising at 10PPM every 5 years. 
In areas where there are vehicle movements or additional industrial processes compliance to the breathing-air standard EN12021:2014 (which stipulates a maximum CO2 limit of 500PPM) will become increasingly more difficult, without a filtration system incorporating CO2 suppression. 
Factair is able to offer a range of breathing-air compressors and filtration systems incorporating both CO and CO2 suppression. (12/05/2015) 
Factair's Powered Air Respirators now available in the hire fleet 
For all those working in dusty environments you can now protect yourself with Factair's battery powered air fed respirators. These easy to use systems incorporate an integral hard hat, eye and hearing protection. The battery powered filtration systems delivers a continuous source of air to the user removing in excess 95% of the surrounding atmospheric dust. (13/02/2015) 
Safe Air Tester Training provided to RAF Oman 
Factair would like to thank Allied International for their hospitality whilst visiting to provide Safe Air Tester training to RAF Oman. (12/02/2015) 
Sabre Safety Release SabreAir+ 
Working in conjunction with Sabre Safety Ltd we are proud to have developed the most advanced ATEX Zone 1 breathing-air compressor in the world. Mounted within a DNV 2.7-1 frame the SabreAir+ incorporates a compressor with multistage breathing air filtration and a pneumatically controlled pressure swing dryer which positively suppress both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. 
To protect the breathing-air supply from harmful ambient gasses the SabreAir+ incorporates an innovative pressurised air inlet plenum with hydrogen sulphide and flammable gas detectors connected to an auto shut down feature (patent application number 1319019.4). The air inlet path provides a 30 second delay between the gas detectors and air being drawn into the compressor, ensuring the gas detectors are able to react in time. 
Continuous breathing-air monitoring on the outlet ensures air quality exceeds EN12021. 
In the event of a gas detector being activated or a mechanical / electrical malfunction the SabreAir+ incorporates a fail-safe protection system which automatically shuts down the compressor and breathing-air continues from the emergency high-pressure reserve. A pneumatically operated audible alarm is activated to alert the operator. 
The system is fitted with a breathing-air re-heater, outlet temperature gauge and manual mixing valve. Therefore when used in extreme cold conditions the breathing-air can be heated to aid operator comfort. Further details on this product are available exclusively from Sabre Safety Ltd. (17/12/2014) 
Our Managing Director James Coleman travelled to Prague this week to exhibit at the International Society for Respiratory Protection Conference. The conference offers a wide range of presentations for all aspects of Respiratory Protection over four days. They are also providing a Beer Tasting session in the evening of their local beers for those attending (which James will unfortunately miss). (23/09/2014) 
In July's edition of Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, Andy Jones from Mattei UK depicts our BA800D Mobile Breathing Air Compressor in a Case Study in the 'Safe to Breathe' article. 
Within the article he outlines why breathing apparatus should be supplied with quality assured compressed air and how this will protect the life and health of the respiratory equipment wearer.  
Click here to read the full article. (04/09/2014) 
This weekend Factair held a BBQ for all the team and their families. We indulged ourselves with Burgers, Hot Dogs and even a Hog Roast. There was a bouncy castle (suitable for adults as well) which was a great hit, we also raised £65.00 for St Elizabeth's Hospice by offering a quiz and a raffle with the chance of snapping up some delicious prizes! 
We would like to thank all that came to the BBQ and made it such a great day, and we look forward to next years Factair BBQ. (04/09/2014) 
Factair provide breathing-air filtration system to Abird Industrial Rental Services in Rotterdam 
Factair have recently supplied Abird Industrial Rental Services, a leading equipment rental company based in Rotterdam, an advanced 4 outlet breathing-air filtration and monitoring system. The SAT1200 provides a filtered source of breathing-air exceeding the requirements of EN12021 from a compressed-air system. The unit incorporates a pressure swing desiccant dryer with CO and CO2 suppression and a built in electronic continuous air quality monitoring and data logging system. In the event of the air quality not meeting EN12021 an audible and visual alarm will be automatically activated. If an emergency supply is connected this will also automatically be activated. At the side of the unit there are 4 CEJN breathing-air outlet couplings, delivering up to 1,200 l/min at 7 bar (300 l/min per outlet). (29/07/2014) 
The team say thank you to Clive Wakeman, Stuart Harris and Geoff Webb for their years of hard work as Directors. Clive and Stuart will continue in a Technical Support role for the company and Geoff will be handing over the management account role and then retiring from the business. 
From the 7th April Factair's management team will comprise James Coleman, previously Commercial Director, will take over as Managing Director. James Garnham, previously Contracts Manager, will become Contracts Director. Kevin Ball will remain as Engineering Director and Nitzan Gonen will continue as Design and Development Director. 
The team from lefts to right in the attached photo are Kevin Ball, James Garnham, Stuart Harris, Clive Wakeman, Geoff Webb and James Coleman. (07/04/2014) 
Factair updates its BA20E and BA22E Mobile Breathing-Air Compressor 
The 2 outlet electric BA20E and BA22E mobile breathing-air compressors have been updated. The new design now incorporates a membrane dryer to further suppress the pressure dewpoint and a easy to use control panel with status condition and for the BA20E alarm indicators. 
Click here to view the BA20E & BA22E datasheet 
F6000 Online Self Assessment (23/01/2014) 
To help with training on Factair's latest breathing-air quality test instrument, the F6000, there is a new self assessment question paper available. Once you have successfully completed it you will be able to print out a training certificate. Follow this link for further details........... 

The first Safe-Air Tester returns home! (03/12/2013) 

Manufactured in 1991, serial number: 0001 was recently collected from Fawley refinery and was still in working condition. Since this instrument was first produced there have been 5 different generations of the market leading breathing-air quality test instruments and they have all been built to last! 
Safe-Air Tester

Factair Wears It Pink for Breast Cancer (25/10/2013) 

On Friday 25th October 2013, Factair took part in the 'Wear it Pink' day for the Breast Cancer Campaign. A small bake sale was organised, a 'Guess the Cake' game and of course, we all wore pink raising £78.00. 

Safe-Air Tester Results Pad (07/10/13) 

The Safe-Air Tester results pad has recently updated in a new 'easier to use' format, to download a free copy click here. 
Safe-Air Tester Results Pad
Safe-Air Tester Software Update

Safe-Air Tester Software Update (23/09/13) 

The latest version of Factair's Safe-Air Tester software (v2.3.1) is now available from our Air Quality Testing page. In addition to German, Dutch, French and Spanish this now includes a Norwegian language option

DECOMM 2013 - 9th October 2013, The Sellafield Skills Centre, B111, Seascale (17/09/13) 

Factair will be exhibiting it's range of Air Quality Testing Instrumentation and Mobile Breathing-Air Compressors, hosted by Industrial Exhibitions. 

Mines Rescue Marine Seminar (11th September 2013) - 
North West Kent Marine College, Gravesend 

Coinciding with London Marine week, Factair will be exhibiting its range of confined space ventilation and breathing-air systems at this marine safety seminar hosted by Mines Rescue Marine. 

F6100 Safe-Air Monitor 

Factair has recently created a training video on the F6100, to view the video follow this link: 
F6100 Safe-Air Monitor
F6000 Safe-Air Tester

F6000 Safe-Air Tester 

Factair has recently created a training video on the F6000, to view the video follow this link: 

Rapid Deployment Fan - 01/08/2013 

Factair’s is pleased to announce the latest addition to its range of tunnel ventilation systems. Specifically designed and manufactured by Factair for projects where there are space / weight limitations this ventilation fan is still able to deliver up to 30 cubic metres of second per air.  
The engine driven axial fan range are devised to provide effective ventilation for three target areas, all involving engineering staff needing to work in tunnels, having a high level of air pollution: 
Click here: 
Rapid Deployment Fan

Network Rail - National Track Plant Exhibition - 24/07/13 

Factair exhibited the latest addition to its range of tunnel ventilation and monitoring equipment at the 2 day show in Stratford Upon Avon.  
One of the key addition to Factair's monitoring service is a continuous dust monitoring service with datalogging. This allows Factair to provide a continuous reading of dust levels throughout a possession.ext to edit it. 
London to Brighton Cycle Ride - 16/06/13 
A team from Factair's took part in this year's event with everyone managing to complete the course and all proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. 
DVD Exhibition - Millbrook - Mad5K challenge - 18/06/13 
Gluttons for punishment, Factair once again took part in the 5 kilometre run round the 'alpine circuit' at Millbrook proving . The run was for a good cause with all donations going to Help for Heroes (but not the laundry bill!) 

Factair launches its latest additions to the Safe-Air Tester range, the F6000 and F6100 

The F6000, is designed primarily for use on airline systems up to 10 bar but can also test high pressure charging systems when used in conjunction with the F3002 High Pressure Regulator. The F6000 has a colour touch screen display and is supplied in a hard weatherproof case with storage provision for a wide range of accessories and equipment. 
The test is carried out using built in electrochemical cells for carbon monoxide and the oxygen and an infrared LED sensor for the carbon dioxide. The moisture is measured with an electronic dewpoint meter and the instrument also records airflow rate, pressure and ambient temperature. For measuring oil aerosols Draeger Impactors are connected through a test port and this can also be used for testing a number of other Draeger chemical reagent tubes. 
Click here to read more... 
Safe-Air Tester
Entry into Enclosed Spaces 
Factair will be exhibiting at the 'Entry into Enclosed Spaces' seminar on the 20th September at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom. The seminar is been organised by the Nautical Institute and Mines Rescue Marine and will highlight and discuss the dangers of confined space working and the safe working practices available. During the seminar visitors will have the opportunity to see Factair's range of confined space ventilation equipment and breathing-air systems including those suitable for an Atex Zone 1 rated environment. 

Safe-Air Trolleys 

Factair is proud to launch its new range of Safe-Air Trolleys, which incorporate CO and CO2 reduction systems as standard. 
The SAT450 is the ideal breathing-air purification system for those working in areas where there is a risk of higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide being ingested into the compressed-air system. 
The unit incorporates a compressed-air filtration and drying system which delivers a smooth, controlled, uninterrupted supply of breathing quality air far exceeding the requirements of BS EN12021. For heavier duty applications the SAT450HD is available which also includes an additional 1 micron pre-filter. 
Built to last the SAT450 is mounted within a tough polyurethane housing. With virtually no ferrous components the unit incorporates stainless and aluminium components making it suitable to be used in tough and arduous environments. The stainless steel wheeled frame allows the unit to be easily manoeuvred into position 
Click here to read more... 

F4000 & F4001 Safe-Air Testers 

Factair, the market leader in breathing-air quality testing instruments, is pleased to announce they have launched latest generation of instruments. 
The new F4000 and F4001 units incorporate a built in memory to allow test results to be recorded and then downloaded to a PC via a USB memory stick. Mounted within robust PELI cases the F4000 and F4001 testers weigh less and are more compact than the previous generation of instruments. With an easy to use touch screen menu, the correct oil test time can be selected from the built in memory which features over 360 different compressor oils. 
The F4000 has an electronic flowmeter and has been designed for systems up to 10 bar as well as high pressure systems when used in conjunction with the F3002 regulator. The F4001 is designed specifically for high pressure cylinders and charging compressors. An optional digital dewpoint meter to measure water content is available for both the F4000 and F4001. 
F4000 & F4001 Safe-Air Testers
Awards recognise success in Exports 
Companies from Suffolk and Essex have been recognised for their success in international trading by Government organisation UK Trade & Investment. 

Ventilating Totley Tunnel 

Factair recently completed its largest ever ventilation project at Totley Tunnel. Factair was working for ameyCOLAS which was completing a track and formation renewal contract on both roads from Grindleford station towards Totley. 
At 3.5 miles in length, Totley Tunnel is the longest mainline railway tunnel, that runs its entire distance under land, in the United Kingdom. The tunnel is located on the outskirts of Sheffield and was completed in 1893. During its construction a natural cavern was discovered near the centre of the tunnel which is several hundred square feet in area and it was decided to incorporate this into the design and a large ventilation shaft was installed up to the surface at this point. This part of the tunnel is now fittingly described as “The Cathedral”. 
Click here to read more... 

Providing a safe atmosphere during the Blea Moor Tunnel Renewal Project 

Never more so than when the site is a railway tunnel in the remote North Yorkshire moors, far out of reach of any mobile phone signal! 
Factair recently helped First Engineering with a track and formation renewal project in Blea Moor Tunnel. With locomotives, diggers, dozers, generators and engine powered tools, totalling up to 6,600 kW of combined engine power, all being used within such a confined space, the atmosphere would have quickly become hazardous to health. To prevent this Factair supplied a ventilation system capable of ventilating the entire 1.5 mile long tunnel. 
Click here to read more... 

Civil engineering in railway tunnels can be a hazardous undertaking. 

When you consider the dust and fumes being generated from the work undertaken, not to mention the frequently moving plant equipment within a confined space, you can appreciate these are places where you certainly need to keep your wits about you. 
Hazards can come in many forms including exhaust fumes from diggers, bulldozers and locomotives; ballast dust from stone being removed or replaced; brake dust; fumes from welding, cutting and grinding. 
Click here to read more... 

Factair wins International Trade Award 

From the streets of South Korea to the breweries of Germany, products from Ipswich are making their mark on the world stage. 

Factair, UK market leader in breathing-air quality testing instruments, has launched the F3004 Medic-Air Tester. 

The F3004 was designed to establish air quality for medical and surgical air systems in accordance with the recently revised European Pharmacopoeia Convention. 
The convention now permits two levels of acceptable water levels either 60 ppm or 870 ppm dependent upon the type of system. The F3004 can be programmed to check for both levels. 
Additionally, with the ongoing introduction of specialist compressor oils the F3004 has a fully programmable test facility when used in conjunction with Factair’s oil test data provided on over 300 different compressor oils which ensures oil determination down to 0.1 mg/m3. 
Click here to read more... 
F3004 Medic-Air Tester

Containerised Breathing-Air Solutions 

As confined spaces go you don’t get much more confined than the inside of an aircraft wing, especially when the interior contains a fuel tank that needs to be regularly cleaned with highly volatile chemicals. 
Those working in such confined environments, where the atmosphere is obviously too hazardous to breathe, require long duration breathing apparatus to ensure they can operate safely. This was the problem that faced the engineers of BAe Systems at the RAF Kinloss Nimrod aircraft base in Scotland. 
Click here to read more... 

Coates Rentair, the international compressed air rental specialists call on factair! 

Coates Rentair, the international compressed air rental specialists, needed a mobile unit that could provide high-pressure compressed air, filtered to breathing quality standards (BS4275, EN132 and EN12021). The requirement was for a unit that could deliver 1700 l/min at a pressure of 350 bar. A task for which the Compair Reavell 4-stage, watercooled, reciprocating 5436 MkII Compressor is ideally suited. 
Click here to read more... 

The petrochemical industry has many situations where the ambient atmosphere is hazardous to breathe. 

One of the most common situations is the cleaning of residue from the bottom of tanks containing substances such as crude oil and styrene. The air in these tanks is highly hazardous to health and anyone working in this type of environment needs to be protected with suitable respiratory protection and clothing. 
Click here to read more... 

Warrior compressor with standard tools 

Have you ever wondered how the military service their armoured vehicles, as they can require maintenance or repair work in the most inhospitable places, far away from any service facilities? 
Click here to read more... 

Maintaining equipment and vehicles on sites and in storage yards can be a problem when you need power to drive air tools and equipment. 

Often these sites have only limited facilities which are generally remote from your point of working. The terrain is also often rugged and presents a difficult challenge for moving large pieces of support equipment around. 
Click here to read more... 

Air Power for the Rail Industry 

RailAir compressor being used for Stoneblowing. The rail industry has a problem of trying to ensure that track is both safe and well maintained whilst maximising the time the track is available on which to run trains. In the past trackside maintenance work such as track levelling, tightening fishbolts and rail baseplate coach screws would have been completed manually. 
Click here to read more... 
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